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Welcome! This is a wiki dedicated to the Great Bionicle War, a fanon YouTube series created by ScorchtheHawk. This wiki was thought of by DarkusMaster (Scorch B), created by Flame-o (Scorch A) behind Scorch B's back, and operated by ScorchtheHawk Admins.

Recent News

  • Look forward to a new series for ScorchtheHawk: ScorchtheHawk News; coming soon.
  • ScorchtheHawk is starting up a new YouTube Series: An Emerald Walkthrough.
  • This site seems a little dusty and deserted, we need more active users hre please! If you know anybody on any wiki site your on, invite them here for us

Flame-o Flame-o 7 May 2011


There hasn't been a new GBW in over a year, I know that.

The main project of the GBW is no longer going to occur, but fear not, IT'S not over! after "Adventures of the Unknown," "Haotic Colors," and a couple other projects are finished, the GBW's sto…

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DarkusMaster DarkusMaster 16 January 2011

What must be done...

  • Rebuild this place AGAIN.
  • Delete any articles that detail things that will happen in the FAR future. (I'll handle this one.)
  • Create articles that are in THIRD PERSON P.O.V. (Flame-o...), modify any article that is in first person to change it to third…
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DarkusMaster DarkusMaster 2 November 2010

The Future of the Wiki...

What will we do? DarkusMaster 19:35, November 2, 2010 (UTC)

P.S. This Wiki has hit the 75 Article landmark, with the 75th article being Vezon.

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DarkusMaster DarkusMaster 23 July 2010

A new beginning!

So, Flame-o is set to leave later today, (BTW, it is 12:24 AM, 7/23/10 CST when I type this) and I am now officially the leader of the Wiki. So, I have a few things planned for this place by Flame-o's return in the span of August 5-7:

  • 80-100 articles…
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For Newbies

To those who are new to the GBW, please watch this video. Fullscreen is recommended. (1080p)


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